Are you a Blockr refugee?

Blockr - What next?

With Coinbase’s recent aquisition of blockr, many users of its blockchain API are wondering what the future of blockr might be, and even if Coinbase will keep it online. If you’re a blockr refugee or looking for a full featured blockchain API and other tools built specifically for bitcoin developers perhaps it’s time to future-proof your apps with LUXSTACK.

It’s fast, easy and free! It will also help you quickly reap the benefits of a platform built by bitcoin app developers in Tokyo for bitcoin app developers around the world. Here’s how.

Moving to LUXSTACK

Blockr’s bitcoin provided an API to gather transaction, block and address data from the blockchain, as well as providing the current market price.

Transaction data:

/tx/info becomes

Block data:

/block/info becomes

Address data:

/address/info becomes
/address/balance becomes

Market price:

/exchangerate/current becomes

That’s really it, making these changes will immediately allow your bitcoin app to use the feature-rich LUXSTACK Bitcoin API, getting access to a dashboard for analytics on your app, more market data, and features such as email notifications.

We’re commited to engineering the worlds finest bitcoin app platform and to providing the tools and infrastructure that developers can confidently depend on to build amazing bitcoin experiences!

Sign up for your access key, or download a LUXSTACK Bitcoin Developer SDK on GitHub for your favorite programming language.