A platform for developers to quickly and freely bitcoin-enable any app

Bitcoin-enable your apps with LUXSTACK

At LUXSTACK we’re building a comprehensive and free platform so software developers can quickly bitcoin-enable their apps.

We’re focused on helping grow bitcoin use by lowering barriers for startups, business and the 99% — developers who are not thinking about using bitcoin in their apps, and those who have avoided bitcoin because it seemed too complex. Our platform, tools and SDKs provide a complete bitcoin toolset and are built to make bitcoin development easy. We strive to lower the knowledge barrier, difficulties and risks in integrating bitcoin into websites and applications on all platforms. First generation blockchain APIs such as Blockchain.info, Chain, Blockr, and Toshi require deeper knowledge about the blockchain, and are not long-term options as developers’ apps mature and require more bitcoin-related features.

Providing this 99% of developers better tools to add bitcoin features to their apps, we can begin spurring bitcoin use beyond wallets and exchanges to a whole constellation of genres such as competitive gaming, video streaming, messaging and even hardware.

Our Tokyo-based engineers are hard at work building and improving free full-featured SDKs for a range of platforms, both on web and mobile. Dropping an SDK into any project immediately gives it bitcoin superpowers; send and receive money, get current and historical prices, access blockchain information and more. It’s the solid foundation you need to build amazing products and services.

Getting the infrastructure out of the way while adding conveniences such as an app dashboard and real-time analytics improves infrastructure utilization and app performance. These things are just a start but go a long way in making bitcoin accessible to a broader range of developers. Experienced bitcoin developers can also reap benefits that grow even greater over time and free them to be more creative and focused on creating amazing app experiences.

There are so many applications and systems that can be powered-up with bitcoin. With Bitcoin, apps become more valuable, more useful, more profitable. Everyone will have bitcoin in their hands and true consumerisation of bitcoin will begin.

Grow bitcoin by getting more developers actively involved and help us spread the word - Download a free open source SDK in your favorite language, you’re moments away from a bitcoin-powered app: https://github.com/LUXSTACK (Android, iOS, Browser, Node.js, PHP, Ruby)

Anyone can sign up and get started - it’s free and easy, start building your amazing bitcoin-enabled app today!