The best way to personalize, manage and spend with bitcoin — the Internet of money.

Your everyday bitcoin wallet, we've got you covered


Be informed of important changes to your finances.


Keep track of incoming money with tagged addresses.


Check your balance without opening the app.


Real-time foreign exchange; buy and sell bitcoin from your wallet. Or if you’re a beginner refer to insidebitcoins to learn how to buy bitcoin safely.

Make it yours

Personalise your wallet with your own themes.


Wherever you go, know what your money is worth in local currency.

Touch checkout

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Browser smarts

Chrome and Safari extensions help you send money from the web without compromising your wallet.


Enjoy the ease of digital money with the privacy of cash.


Send and receive money with anyone, anywhere, instantly.


Faster payments and trading; secured with your fingertips.

Future Proof

Protect and recover your money in confidence with standards-based backups.


Build Bitcoin apps faster and more securely with the LUXSTACK SDK.

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Do more with LUXSTACK

Top up your ChangeTip account using a LUXSTACK browser extension: It's easy to receive and securely send bitcoin from the web using your iPhone.

You can even link your favorite bitcoin exchange to the LUXSTACK app, buying or selling at the touch of a button. Here's how to do it with a Kraken account.