Build Bitcoin Apps Faster and More Securely

The Bitcoin developer API and dashboard you always wanted is here! Whether desktop or mobile, our powerful block chain SDKs make it easy to create secure apps quickly for all your favorite devices.

Save Time

Save money on complex code and spend it on concept, ideas and functionality. It's easy to create awesome apps for your favorite platform.

Powerful Dashboard

Effortlessly manage all your apps in the user-friendly Razrbit dashboard. Gain app insights and keep your wallets secure.

Deploy & Manage Multiple Apps

Creating, deploying and managing many different Bitcoin enabled apps across a universe of platforms has never been easier.


View your API call volumes through Razrbit's included analytics offering. You’ll find plenty of ways to take advantage of Razrbit Analytics.

Rich Library of SDKs

There's a Bitcoin block chain API for every platform. Razrbit has you fully covered with the largest selection of platform native SDK's.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Every aspect of Razrbit was designed with integration, security, scalability to support requirements of a range of organizations from startup to large enterprises.


Razrbit Marketplace provides modules to extend your application’s functionality beyond our core API features.

Premium Support

A range of support options are available to help you get the most out of Razrbit, depending on your requirements and budget.

Enterprise API and Tools for Bitcoin Developers

There's a drop in SDK and library for every bitcoin project and platform.