Why hasn't anyone else done this yet? Bitcoin exchanges, right there in your wallet app.

You can link your exchange accounts to the LUXSTACK mobile app and trade in and out of bitcoin as you wish.

LUXSTACK's versatile new mobile bitcoin hub is coming soon. And to give you a taste of it, here's an example of what you'll be able to do.

LUXSTACK is a great way to build bitcoin apps. You can make apps for many platforms, including the web browser.

Building startups is about experimenting, pushing beyond current ways of doing things to create new and improved implementations of often familiar and mundane technologies - Helping people gain greater value and enjoyment from things they are already doing.

At LUXSTACK we’re building a comprehensive and free platform so software developers can quickly bitcoin-enable their apps.

With Coinbase’s recent aquisition of blockr, many users of its blockchain API are wondering what the future of blockr might be, and even if Coinbase will keep it online. If you’re a blockr refugee or looking for a full featured blockchain API and other tools built specifically for bitcoin developers perhaps it’s time to future-proof your apps with LUXSTACK.